How To Minimize to Feel Truly Free While Traveling

Sometimes to feel genuinely free about the concept of travel, you have to minimize almost to the point of having nothing. This is truly extreme behavior, but if you want to fully immerse yourself in total freedom of movement, motion, direction, and intent, then the result will be life-changing. And sometimes that is what people want from the concept of travel.

You may have to sell your home. You may have to de-clutter your entire life. You’ll have to take stock of essentials, and you’ll probably want to read about those who have gone before you. There are plenty of people who have rescinded the material world to travel around and see what life is like without being encumbered.

Sell Your Home

To be free with your travels, you will probably have to sell your home. It’s vital that you don’t have rent, or property taxes, or any home base that will nail you or your mental state to a particular area. This is probably the most extreme step you have to take, but it is the most vital one to solidify your intent.

Declutter Your Entire Life

If you’re going to travel the world on a shoestring, you have to de-clutter your entire life. This means not just getting rid of some pieces of your seasonal wardrobe. It means getting rid of everything except what you need to survive. Again, this is legitimately extreme behavior! This is not for everyone. This is not for people with families. This is not for people who have a partner that is not willing to do the same thing as them. It’s a hardcore decision and gets you hardcore results.

Take Stock of Essentials

When you take stock of essentials, you’re deciding what it is you need on a rotating basis to be able to survive your next few days. If you look into creating a bug out bag, you’ll see how other people have interpreted this concept. To freely travel the world, you have to be able to fit everything into a backpack you can carry.

Read About Those Who Have Gone Before You

Lots of people have lived the itinerant lifestyle for periods of their lives. They come back with fantastic stories. They come back with a broader view of the world. If you’re trying to find your spiritual center, this type of travel will most certainly help you do it, and you can read about how other people have gone through their transformations as well. Many of them will come back and write books or blogs about their experiences before rejoining the rest of typical society. Traveling freely doesn’t last forever. It may not even last very long. But you’ll learn a lot while you’re going through the process.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.