Go High or Go Low: Options for Traveling and Vacations

Sometimes one of the best ways to figure out where you want to travel to next or what kind of vacation do you want to go on is by looking at the extremes and then moving inward. In other words, you dream huge, and you think tiny. And then you consider the maximum amount of money, and then next to nothing. Somewhere within this range, you’ll find the perfect pocket.

So what are some of these extremes that you can start with? You can think about going on a vacation and just staying at budget locations. And then, consider what it would be like to stay at a big resort. Decide what kind of vacation package would be all-inclusive that you would be interested in. And then think about what it would be like to just go out and try to spend nothing and have a lot of free time during your vacation. These are your starting points.

Budget Inns

Where are the cheapest places to go when you’re on vacation? That is the ultimate question for people who are on a budget. The thing is, just because a holiday is inexpensive, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a bad time. It just means that you have to set up your expectations in advance so that the financial aspect of a vacation is not what you’re focusing on concerning having lots of luxuries around. To maximize the value of a dollar, a budget-conscious place to stay is crucial.

Big Resorts

On the other side of that, would you be interested in going on a vacation at a big resort? There are some absolutely fabulous places all around the world that include every possible luxury that you could imagine. 5-star restaurants, and pampering and massage services, are just a couple of the luxuries a fancy hotel can offer you. If you want to know what it’s like to live like the elite for a week or two, then you can head to a luxury hotel in washington dc or any other place and see what kind of service and amenities are laid out at your feet. Especially when it comes to food and lodging, big, expensive resorts and hotels are a window into a different lifestyle.

Full Packages

Have you considered purchasing an all-inclusive vacation package? This would be a vacation where everything is planned out and paid for in advance so there won’t be any anxiety about what you’ll be spending your time or money doing. If you find one of these full vacation packages that includes airfare, lodging, car rental, food, and even events, then you know you found the mecca of possibility and can be comfortable with whatever price is associated with it.

Creative and Empty Time

For the other extreme, maybe you want to go on a vacation that cost absolutely nothing, and you have no events planned whatsoever. You want to go on a holiday that is creative and empty of planning because that gives you the most room to think and enjoy yourself. For example, consider camping out in the wilderness. All you have to do is survive, and beyond that, your mind is free.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.