Do You Need to Stage Your House Before Selling it to Fast Home Buyers?

Staging your home can depend on your intention and goal when selling. It is a dilemma for house sellers to have their homes staged, given that over the past year, COVID-19 put open houses to a halt. As the real estate industry continues to take on the virtual scene, the question: do I need to stage my home? has now been taken to a whole new level of decision-making.

Selling your home to fast cash home buyers like “We Buy Houses For Cash” companies, even without repairs, can still guarantee you a reasonable price. However, if you intend to make the most out of your property’s value, consider staging your home the best option.

What Staging Your Home Can Do

When staging your home, it appeals to your potential buyers as the final result. Numerous buyers are ecstatic to experience their home-to-be at its maximum potential and staged houses often seal the deal. Staged homes get an average of 6 days for their days on the market (DOM) compared to a month and a half (48 days) national average.

According to, in a fluctuating real estate market, staged and prepped homes are sold quicker at a higher price. The potential of prepared houses is even twice higher when it is in an increasing housing market. Therefore, if you intend to profit from your humble abode or chase down a deadline, staging your home can be a significant step to start.

Do I Need to Stage My House to Sell?

Given that several benefits are staging your home can bring to the table, it is not mandatory. When selling your house to fast cash home buyers, some real-estate companies purchase a property in any condition. However, since fast home buyers settle and close the deal quickly, they are most likely to offer you the average median home price in the market. You can still sell your home and get an appropriate amount from it – if this is only the intention you have in making a house sale.

If the sale intends to gain a much higher profit, you need to stage your home. Staging your home can help you close a deal quicker and leave you with an increased financial value. There are various things you will need to do first such as repairing any issues such as cracked walls or you may need to learn what type of foundation you have in case a prospective buyer has any questions about the very core of your house. To go with this, of course, there will be certain investments you have to make when staging the home. There could be various repairs or cleanups that you have to do, and service providers like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Lawrence you might have to take help from. All of this only adds to the value and appeal of your house and can prove to be worth it when you are finally able to sell it for a good price. It can be essential to stage and repair external parts of your house as well. For instance, a courtyard, garage, and workshop are a few things the buyer will notice even before entering the house. You may have a rusty and damaged garage door, which you could repair or replace before the showtime. If you are adamant about spending money on a replacement, you can acquire garage door coupons from a repair shop to reduce some expenses. Being aware of your intentions and goals about exposing your home in the market can help you decide whether or not you need to stage it prior.


Staging your home can be a bit stressful to hear. However, it can be something you need before selling your home. It appeals quicker to potential buyers and partially guarantees a higher possibility of closing a deal. However, there are other options, such as selling your property to cash home buyers. You don’t need to worry about staging your house or making additional repairs. Making sure that you know the pros and cons based on why you are making a sale can overall determine whether you need it or not.

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