Detailing Your Car Like the Pros Do

Sure, you could fork over a couple of hundred dollars to have someone else detail your car for you. It’s the easier way, no doubt, and much less of a hassle that doing it yourself. But, $200 could buy a lot of things that might bring you more joy than a clean car, and maybe you’d be more inclined to keep your car clean if you spent a Saturday afternoon detailing it yourself. You can do as good of a job cleaning your car as the professionals do. Check out all the tips and tricks about caring for your car and performing routine maintenance available at

To get your car as clean as the pros do, you’ll need the right equipment, tools, and supplies. You’ll need a collection of small brushes to remove dirt, debris, dust, and hair from the nooks and crannies in your car’s interior. You will also need a powerful vacuum cleaner like a shop vac or something similar, that features a long hose with several nozzle attachments for reach and access to tight spaces in your car. You will need a hose connected to a water supply, a soft sponge, gentle soap, and towels.

You can either start with the inside of the car or the outside. A quick hand wash of the exterior will go a long way. Even if you do not know how to clean the outside of your car, there are plenty of online resources and videos you can fall back on. And to make sure you do it flawlessly, you can even buy car detailing polishers or hand wax the vehicle after a quick wash. While cleaning the exterior, pay close attention to the tires and rims. Use a towel and a sturdy brush to clean these parts of your car which accumulate the most dirt and grime. Towel dry your vehicle with a lint-free towel or shammy to avoid spotting. If you opted for hand waxing, while your wait for the wax to set, start on the interior.

Use your collection of small brushes to get in all the cracks and crevices of your car’s interior. Clean the dash surfaces with a gentle, all purpose cleaner, and condition your seats with a leather conditioner. Vacuum the interior and use a special pet brush to remove stubborn pet hair embedded into the carpet.

Use a lint-free rag or newspaper to clean your windows inside and out. You can opt for a vinegar and water solution that is natural and streak free. There are also plenty of window products on the market if you prefer. With a little bit of time and elbow grease, you too can have your car as clean as the pros get it.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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