4 Reasons to Move to Arlington

In this new decade, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.  Moving has become a more prominent option since people no longer have to fear separation or losing contact with those they know.


Why not, then, take a big step and move to somewhere that can give you a new chance at happiness?


Arlington is a fantastic city, in a state full of history while also bursting with new life.  Here are four reasons to move there and start fresh.


Money Changes Things


Arlington is number eight on the Forbes list of cities by income.  The average household in this beautiful Virginian city brings in over a hundred thousand dollars a year.  It’s a city full of upward mobility, where you can take your career anywhere you want to take it, as long as you can work for it.


The unemployment rate is tiny.  Because of the several government buildings, it houses (including The Pentagon), there’s no shortage of jobs available.  The money spent on healthcare and utilities is lower than the national average- so there’s still money to be saved as well.


It’s a Cultural Hub


Nobody wants to move anywhere just for a pretty house.  Arlington houses for sale also bring with them enjoyable and enriching experiences.  From endless museums and art galleries to fun outdoor recreation at the Long Bridge Park, there’s something for everyone.


If you want to join a local sports team or get into a new hobby, Arlington offers it.  Because of the city’s national importance, it’s culturally diverse and welcoming.


Fantastic Schools


If you want to start a family, Arlington is the place to go.  You can almost guarantee your children have a bright future if they get the chance to attend school there.  Their public schools rank first in the very competitive state and are known for excellence.  Their teacher salaries are higher than the national average, which ensures your children will have better attention paid to them and their studies.


Four Full Seasons


In some parts of the USA, you’re lucky if you get more than two seasons.  Southern Arizona has a drawn-out Summer, and a mild winter- while Alaska always only feels like winter and spring.  In Arlington, you get to experience the beauty of all four seasons.  From warm summers to beautiful falls- to thirteen inches of snow every winter- this city has it all.


Not only does the precise passing of seasons help fight against things like seasonal affective disorder, but it also allows you to enjoy the year more.


Arlington is a beautiful, vibrant city that has so much to offer if you’ll give it a chance.  Although the prices might be higher on homes, you can still save money on the little things.  With low unemployment and an abundant number of jobs, this city makes sure money isn’t something to worry you.


Consider moving and taking your first steps to an incredible new life.

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

Lover of airplanes and the feeling of the sun on my face, I collect postcards and need to pet every dog I see.