4 of the Best Destinations for Cheap Travel

Sometimes, our hearts want to travel but our bank accounts says ‘oh hunny, no’. travel doesn’t have to be about luxury yachts and all-inclusive resorts in the most extravagant of places. The best experiences can come from the most unlikely places and don’t have to come from a big spend on a credit card. We’ve been to over 50 countries (with lots more to go!), and some of our best experiences have been from the places where we spend little money to get there and stay there. Here are our favourite of the places where we spent less than £500 on getting there, accommodation and activities for a week to 10 days.

Galicia, Spain

‘But EVERYONE’S been to Spain, we know it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason!’ Hold your horses there, we’re not talking about a weekend trip to Benidorm for £1 cocktails and questionable accommodation. We’re talking about the coastal region of Galicia. Not heard of it? That’s because it’s somehow flown under the radar of the thousands of British and other Western holidaymakers that fly to the country in their hordes every year.

It’s got cliffs and bays, gorgeous seafood and low expenses (read: cheap beer). And hotel prices can be as low as £10 a night if you visit off season, flights from around the world operate year-round and can be grabbed for as little as £55 return! Spend your days walking the coast or having a picnic amongst the countryside.

High Tatras, Slovakia

This small mountain range is perfect for mid-difficulty treks and breathtaking views across the nearly thirty peaks. Be careful of the bears (we never spotted one, but apparently, they are there!), hire a tour guide for less than £40 per person for a hike and let them take you to the best corners – much better than trying to read a map by yourself!

We stayed in a mountain side shared chalet (basically a hostel) for £18 a night and flew into Prague before getting a train for around £10! So cheap and somewhere different for stretching your legs in the Eastern European countryside.

Kerala, India

The biggest expense here is the flight, and we cheated slightly because we were only in Pakistan when we flew into India, but if you can stretch to the flight then you’ll pay basically pennies on expenses while you’re staying here. For a month here, we only paid £100 for accommodation – granted, we were working part time at the hotel so that took away a portion of our expenses.

The area is beautiful, with Arabian Sea beaches, luscious hills and truly authentic Indian Cuisine, Kerala is a world away from the image of a hectic, bustling, loud and dusty India and is laid back and a true treasure.

Red Sea, Egypt

Not just for deserts and pyramids and ancient history, Egypt has one of the best diving sites in the world in the Red Sea. In Hurghada, a small beach town, we took a diving package for around £18 and that was for 5 dives with full tutoring and a guide throughout the reefs.

Plus, it’s hot all year round and the water is lovely with loads of wildlife and colourful coral.

Regardless of where in the world you go, you can always save with your accommodations. If hostels aren’t for you, an easy way to save money is to peruse vacation rentals. You can find rentals that are cheaper than hotels, and rentals usually fit more people than a hotel would, which means you can split the price up if you travel with a group.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.