3 Ways To Make Your Hotel Room Feel More Like Your Bedroom At Home

If you travel a lot, be it for work or for pleasure, staying in hotels, while convenient, can also be a little lonesome and isolating. But luckily, with a few little tweaks to the way you use your hotel room and make the space your own, you may find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable in your hotel rooms. And while a hotel room may never truly feel like home, you absolutely can accomplish a more homey feeling.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to make your hotel room feel more like your bedroom at home

Pack Your Favorite Candle and A Candle Warmer

Scent can be a great way to recall memories from the past, especially memories that make you feel more at home. So if you have a candle or other item that you use to make your bedroom smell good, consider bringing that item with you when you travel, too. As you do this, it can make it feel like your hotel room isn’t such a strange and unfamiliar place.

While you might be comfortable burning candles at home, most hotels don’t allow people to have open flames when staying with them. For this reason, you may want to bring a candle warmer along with you if you choose to bring a candle that’s scent reminds you of home

Bring Some Comfort Items From Home

Along with bringing along with you items that will help your hotel room smell like home, you can also bring other items that help you feel more comfortable. 

For many people, packing their pillow from home and bringing it to the hotel with them helps them feel better and sleep better. But if you don’t have room for your pillow, even just bringing your own pillowcase can help the room feel more like yours.

Besides adding the mentally comforting factor to the bed, you could also ensure that you sleep in the correct position. Several pillows in hotels tend to be rather large and fluffy, which could be harmful to your neck and posture. Using such pillows could cause pains around your neck and upper back which might also be a problem while travelling. So, you could bring a Blackroll Sleep Recovery pillow if you have one to ensure ergonomic positioning while sleeping.

You could also bring things like your slippers from home to help you feel even more comfortable. Besides that, you could bring a bedsheet to ensure that you have a clean surface to sleep on.

Set Out Your Personal Items

In your bedroom at home, all of your belongings are right where you put them and within perfect reach whenever you need them. But if you don’t unpack your bags when you get to your hotel room, it can make the room feel like an even more unfamiliar place, since nothing you need is easily accessible.

With this in mind, you should try to find time to set out your personal items when you get into your hotel room. By hanging up your clothes in the closet, putting the things you normally keep on your nightstand at home on the nightstand in your hotel room, and putting out all of your toiletries in the hotel vanity, you can make this hotel room feel much more like your bedroom at home. 

If you wish your hotel rooms could feel more like your bedroom when you’re at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how you can accomplish this. 

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.