2021 Onward: The Basic Necessity for Travels

An advice from the famous actor, martial artist, stuntman, filmmaker, singer and action choreographer: “Travel. Your money will return but your time won’t”. You can acquire so much money by spending all your time working, but it will never amount to the happiness you can feel when you take the time to discover the wonders the world offers. It is never wrong to sometimes spend your hard-earned cash on travelling and relaxing. You hustle every day, so it is also essential that you take a break occasionally.

Being away for a little while and taking the time to unwind and relax is the best solution for a stressful day at home or at work. Travelling and visiting different places gives you a different kind of experience that will forever be engraved in your mind. The photos are reminders of your wonderful time spent and the happiness you have felt being in such a place. The memories alone can give you so much joy when reminiscing. So, here is a list that you better prepare before you hop on that plane or enjoy your day at the beach:

Tip #1.  Pack a bottle of hand sanitiser.

With the new normal, your number one on your checklist for your travels must be packing a bottle of hand sanitisers that you can easily reach or grab each time there is a need to sanitise your hands or things. Hand washing may not be your number one option during travels as this may not always be available. It is better that you always come prepared.

The best hand sanitisers to use are those that are alcohol-based hand sanitiser. There is also now a variety of hand sanitisers that you may choose from, there are scented ones and there are also those that come in different colors. Now isn’t that cute but sanitary?

Tip #2. Sunscreen and insect repellent lotions.

You would not want your skin to get burned or full of insect bites, right? Sunscreen and insect repellant is a must especially when you are travelling to tropical countries. These will not only save you from sunburn and insect bite but can also save you from diseases you may contract from too much sun exposure and insect bites like dengue from mosquitoes.

Sunscreen and insect repellent lotions are always available in drug stores and supermarkets. You can purchase them in your destination or just to be sure, bring one before you leave home.

Tip #3. Carry a small first aid kit.

For your small first aid kit, it is important that it consist of medicines that you particularly take and not just bandages and other supplies to clean cuts. You might be somewhere nice having dinner and you eat something that you’re allergic to, an antihistamine pill ready in your first aid kit could just save your life. With a first aid kit around, you may be able to prevent a simple injury from causing severe damages. You will never know when you are going to encounter emergency situations so it is better to travel prepared. 

Wrapping Up

It is important to not just prepare your OOTD for your trips but also prepare for possible situations that you may come across during your travels by packing your small aid kit, a bottle of sanitiser that will always come in handy, sunscreen and insect repellant and other stuff you might just need during an emergency. Preparing everything for your trip can make your vacation a lot more worth the while. Besides, isn’t it said that preparation leads to readiness? Have a safe trip!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.