We like to think we’re doing a pretty good job of visiting the best and most interesting countries, but there are only so many places we can visit.

Did you know the world has 196 countries? That’s a lot of flights and a lot of miles, we’re doing our best but we need your help! Is there somewhere you’ve been that we haven’t and you simply HAVE to tell the world about it? Maybe we’ve missed somewhere incredible that you think people should visit. This could be an entire country, a particular area or even an incredible city. Or maybe you’ve just got some great travel tips and want to share them. There’s so much to discover in the world, and while we wish we could do it all, there simply isn’t enough time.

If you’ve got a flair for creative and informative travel writing, why not send us an article pitch and get featured on Okay Great!

We only ask that you meet these criteria:

  • Have impeccable written English skills
  • Have an original, interesting idea
  • Have original, or copyright free images
  • Are able to write in Okay great style

Head over to our contact page and send us a message with your article pitch, we’ll have a look and get back to you approving the idea and then all you have to do is send us the 500+ word article that will be published with credit to your name.