What is the best area to stay in Bristol?

People travel to Bristol for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re there to visit the landmarks, experience the well-known night life or just spend some time getting to know the city and its cultures there would be an area to suit you.

Read on to find out the area that is recommended based on what you which to achieve in the city.


Dependant on what you wish to do in the city, Clifton may just be the best place for you to stay. If you are looking for something with a hint of luxury you can also find some great places to stay in the area. Serviced apartments are popular in the area and you can find ones that offer you a great price for your money too.

Clifton is also great for those who would like to be within walking distance from landmarks such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Art Gallery, Bristol Zoo and more.

Clifton may also be the choice for you if you’re looking for quiet accommodation that is away from the hustle and bustle and late night noise.

City Centre

If you’re travelling to Bristol to do a lot of shopping and central roaming, it’s best you look for accommodation in the central area.

You may also want to look for central accommodation if you want to experience the night life of the city, as staying close to everything will give you more of the experience you’re looking for.

St. Andrews/ Montpelier

This area has direct links to Gloucester road, and is great for those who don’t mind getting a little extra exercise into their trip.

St. Andrews and Montpelier are very quiet areas of Bristol and are suitable for families and people who wish to enjoy a peaceful trip to Bristol.

There are transport links to the centre and all over Bristol, so you aren’t limited to the area.

Now you know the best area to stay in Bristol based on what you aim to do there, it’s time to look for suitable accommodation. Beech House Bristol offer high quality luxury serviced apartments in the heart of Clifton.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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