Top water sports to try in the USA

If you’re looking for a great place to try your hand at a few watersports, then the USA has it all. Home to a number of oceans, rivers, lakes and more there are waterports suitable for everyone; it’s no wonder that over 142 million Amercans partake in boating on average every year. 


Stand up paddle boarding has increased in popularity all over the world, not just the USA. It is popular because you can paddle board in just about any water environment (depending on your skill level of course!). Paddle boarding is relatively easy to pick up as you can start on your knees and progress to standing, it also requires minimal equipment and SUP clothing so is quick to get started. There are also a number of different SUP activities you can do including: SUP yoga, SUP fishing and SUP racing.


Probably the most popular watersport in the USA, whether you want to try your hand at racing or would prefer just to leisurely sail across the water there are plenty of great locations in the USA to sail. For the strongest yet most consistent winds and therefore best time for sailing, December through to May every year tends to be the most favoured time for the smoothest sailing trips.

Scuba Diving 

The US is home to some of the best scuba diving spots around– Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, and many more. You could find both, the West as well as the East coasts surrounded by vast oceans where you could go Scuba Diving and marvel at the plethora of sea life in the oceans. You could enjoy diving in water bodies off the coast or ones near the mainland too.

If you prefer to go off mainland there are some breathtaking scuba diving areas in Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Outer Banks where you can explore thriving seabeds and vibrant coral reefs. If you have never been before there is no shortage to companies providing lessons, gear rental and guided tours. 


If you like the idea of scuba diving but would prefer to stay near the surface of the water or explore more shallow areas then snorkeling is a great alternative. A benefit of snorkeling is that you don’t need to catch a boat ride out into deep water, you can find great snorkeling places just about anywhere. 


For those who have the balance, surfing is also a popular watersport choice due the vast expanse of beaches and coastlines in America. From Hawaii to California, there are numerous surf hotspots to ride the waves. Although it can be initially difficult to get a hold of the technique, once you have nailed how to surf it is guaranteed to become one of your favourite hobbies.


For adrenaline junkies, parasailing is an exciting waterport to try. Parasailing involves being strapped to a parachute and pulled behind a speedboat. As the boat rides along, the parachute will float you up into the air. Parasailing is not only an exhilarating activity but it also gives you sky high panoramic views of your surroundings and an opportunity to see the US in a unique way. 

The USA is a great place to try out watersports, there are a wide range of them which are popular. Whether you have never tried any before or are a watersports regular, you will find an activity to suit your interests. 

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Written by Alexa Taylor

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