Top Adventurous Activities You Can Do in the UK

COVID-19 has completly put a damper on all our travel plans for 2020, hasn’t it?

What’s more, it seems highly unlikely that any of us would get to fly abroad to have one hell of an adventurous experience anytime soon.

However, we’ve still kept our fingers crossed hoping that (at least) local travel restrictions are lifted for us to somewhat enjoy the remaining months of this year (well, it won’t hurt to lift local travel restrictions, will it?).

Additionally, being an active paradise and home to many adventurous walks, ideally isolated valleys, amazing landscapes, dramatic coastlines and demanding mountains, the possibilities of having an adrenaline-filled adventure in the UK are nearly endless!

But from where do you even start preparing your list?

In this article, we’ve put together the top 10 adventurous activities that you can do in the UK to make the most of your day out.

Let’s dive in!

Riding the Waves in Sennen Cove

Located in Cornwall’s smallest coastal village, Sennen Cove has an incredible beach along with crystal clear waters and a scenic view. This white, sandy beach also has the swell coming directly from the Atlantic, making it one of the best surfing spots.

Walking Down the Arun Valley

Before touching the Channel at Littlehampton, the River Arun flows through the central part of West Sussex and this is what makes it a must-visit destination. Along its way, you’re likely to come across beautiful trails and footpaths of different lengths, giving you a panoramic view of the South Downs.

Quad Bike Safari

If you’re someone who craves an adrenaline-filled adventure, then quad bike safari is the perfect activity for you. It lets you experience the thrill of driving a beast through hills, muddy terrain and other off road trails.

Canoeing Through the River Wye

UK’s 5th longest river, the River Wye stretches some 134 miles and forms a crucial part of the border separating the England and Wales. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in canoeing, then this is by far the best spot – it’s an excellent place for people with all types of canoeing skills.

Hiking in The Gobbins

The Gobbins is an iconic coastal walk located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The route stretches for two miles along the rugged Antrim Coast, passing through a series of tunnels and bridges set in the cliff face. It is a challenging and rewarding hike, with spectacular views of the Irish Sea and the surrounding countryside. As you set out to this destination, it’s advisable to read some insightful blogs like the ones available on, as these resources offer a comprehensive guide to nearby sites, ensuring no chance for adventure close to The Gobbins goes unnoticed.

Scrambling on the Striding Edge

Located amid the beautiful Cumbrian landscape of Lake District, the Striding Edge is the best spot for beginners’ scramble. If you have been thinking to take the first step into scrambling, we must tell you that this is the right place for you.

Go Ape, Tree Climbing

If you love the forest and are looking for usual outdoor activities across the UK, then you could check out some of the amazing Go Ape centres. These adventure centres are particularly designed for the entire family and include various activities like zip trekking, tree climbing and forest Segway!

To know more about Go Ape centres, click here!

Cycling Giant’s Causeway

A scenic 23-mile ride that spans across the North Atlantic coast, the Causeway Coast is a stunning place to enjoy cycling to the fullest. The route is a dream come true for cycling enthusiasts with cycle-friendly signs and measures peppered along the route to offer a blissful traffic-free experience!

Wild Camping in the Cairngorms

Cairngorms National Park is the ideal place to spend the pleasant summer months watching and observing wildlife and walking through the picturesque landscape. You can make arrangements for simple accommodation and camp in the wild free of charge. Just get your hands on the best tent for wild camping with features like breathable fabric, waterproof coating, and a sturdy frame and you would be good to go. Alternatively, you can also decide to book yourself in one of the many bothies located all around the park.

Paragliding Isle of Wight

The strong, steady winds and the fabulous topography is what makes the Isle of Wight the perfect spot for paragliding in the UK. The constant sea-breeze offers stable and smooth flying conditions that are necessary to master your paragliding skills. It’s a haven for beginners who are only just starting to glide through the air. For experts, its the perfect place to show off their superior and well-honed ability to sail through the air with absolute ease!


So there we have it – the top adventurous activities that you could do across the UK with your friends and family!

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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