Top 3 Luxuries to Enjoy in London

Visiting London, whether you’re from the surrounding area, or you’re traveling abroad, is a unique experience. The city is bursting with historical richness, modern luxury, and of course, some of the finest establishments you can possibly think of.

In fact, you might get overwhelmed with all there is to experience. We’re here to help. We want to list the top three luxuries every visitor should experience in London. These are three dramatically different experiences, but they’ll all fit into any vacation, business trip, etc.

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1: Serviced Apartments in Central London


First, you’re going to need somewhere to stay while you’re visiting the city, and camping out on the street isn’t exactly welcome.

You have three primary options:

Hotels are cramped, overpriced, and hardly what one would call luxurious. Airbnb accommodations are, at best, a big risk. After all, you’re relying on someone else to rent out part of their home, and that is always bound to present a few surprises.

With the serviced apartments available, you can rent a full, luxury apartment without committing to any lease or rental agreement. It works just like a hotel, and everything you would expect a luxury home to have is furnished for you.

This is easily the best way to stay in London without actually purchasing property in the city, and even though it’s a bit more expensive than the other options, it’s worth every pound spent.

2: Rules


Rules are the oldest dining establishment in London. While there are more expensive eateries focused on extremely luxurious presentations, they don’t embody the heart and soul of London as Rules does, and if you’re visiting, you should bypass the alternatives for a true piece of London history.

Rules were founded in 1798 by Thomas Rule. Since then, it has specialized in traditional British food served with a semi-formal flare.

Not only does this make Rules a great opportunity to enjoy a rich piece of London history, but it also provides you with the opportunity to try the best British food available; enjoying timeless classics that you know are made properly each and every time.

Also, it’s a fairly-priced experience; while more than a pub or similar establishment, it’s far from the posh, high-dollar establishments lauded by tourism brochures. 

3: Radio Rooftop Bar

The Radio Rooftop Bar is located at the top of the ME Hotel, and while the name may conjure images of a quaint bar, it is anything but. The Radio Rooftop Bar is one of the most luxurious bars in the world, and the atmosphere is something you truly must experience if at all possible.

This is one we’ve saved for last because, while it’s an amazing experience, it’s also a rather exclusive one; not all of our readers will have the opportunity to visit, unfortunately.

If you do get in, you’ll be met with fine dining, expertly-crafted cocktails, and a view that is to die for.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.