The Best Bars in Rio de Janerio

The best bars in Rio de Janerio range from the finest establishments to medium size pubs, and wherever you pick to drink will largely be influenced by your pocket. You would need to be open to some serious spending and stylish outfits if you want to drink in the private spots in South Zone. Our top pick is Bar do Gomez. This is a great location to spend a sunny day in Santa Teresa. While Bip Bip in is our first port of call for music. That is if you are a keen music lover looking to hear some serious jam sessions in a sweet atmosphere. The poolside den at the beautiful Copacabana Palace is a romantic spot for any special moment. For drinks with an unbeatable view, it is hard to not notice the sunset vista from Azul Marinho. There you can find the beach kiosks of Copacabana and Ipanema with stunning beach views throughout the day and night.

Academia da Cachaca

Celebrated here in all its countless methods is the cachaca, Brazil’s most famous powerful drink. This energetic little bar has developed into a Leblon nightspots institution. The cachaca has a reputation for being unforgiving on the palate as it is on the head, but this little bar proves that the best cachaca are seriously delicious tipples. There are a large number of varieties on offer here, which can be enjoyed individually or combined into tasty cocktails.



This hip den is located at upmarket Fasano Rio hotel. This bar is rated the best hotel bar on earth by style bible Wallpaper. The bar combines both British brashness with an Italian feel, and you can see antique album art hung around amongst comfortable leather seating. The regulars here comprise of actors, footballers, and models, other celebrities like Gisele and Madonna dashing in occasionally.

Bar e Restaurante URCA

Attracting a number of locals, celebrities and tourists, this den is known for its spectacular harbour view. After taking a drink, you can enjoy it taking in the view of Christ the Redeemer statue while watching fishing boats. Forget any table manners and enjoy the local dishes served.

Bar do Mineiro

Bar do Mineiro is found on the main strip in leafy, artsy Santa Teresa. As the name implies, the carte du jour bears the cooking inspirations of the founder, a ‘Mineiro’ who has developed some loyal fans fond of his dishes. But the dynamic atmosphere is the main deal here, both locals and tourists gather here to drink and chat deep into the night.

Bar do Gomez (Armazem Sao Thiago)

Bar do Gomez, Armazem Sao Thiago

This Santa Teresa bar doubles as a grocery store, was started by a Spanish family who settled in Brazil as far back as 1919. Over the years, this bar has been warmly named as Bar do Gomez in remembrance of the easy-going owner. Little has changed here over time, and it upholds a historic charm that ensures it is one of the best bar-restaurants in Rio. Wash every meal down with a chilled beer or one of the numerous forms of cachaca they offer.

Bip Bip

This modest bar in Copacabana is the best place to hear live music. This spot attracts a number of skilled musicians, who come for spontaneous jam gatherings, much to the fans’ pleasure. Drinks are restricted to self-serving of beers, but the superiority of the music makes it all worthwhile.


This old bar-restaurant in Rio is well-known for its late hours and its liquor absorbing food as well as its energetic atmosphere. This Copacabana bar is a favourite for anyone in need of good food, drink and prices. They offer a sit-down restaurant/bar and attached stand-up bar, where locals gather till early morning. Cervantes is also famous for its huge sandwiches, delicious and hearty – provided you can finish the giant offering.

Leviano Bar

Leviano Bar is found in the famous Lapa, this rehabilitated colonial mansion was given a beautiful makeover with additional lighting art. They offer vibrant coloured cocktails with some tempting finger food and a breezy playlist. A wide-ranging musical list takes the form of electro-heavy at night, as well as gentle jazz fests and live samba performances. The dancefloors are crowded every day into late nights. A mezzanine offers room for chats and drinks.

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