Safety Tips For Road Trips

Winter is not the most active time of the year, which makes it a perfect time for road tripping. Just make sure to pay attention to the region’s weather outlook, and keep yourself more south than north.

You probably already know everything there is to know about creating a safe road tripping environment, but we are very helpful folks. Here are a few tips to jog your memory before you and your family hit the road in search of adventure.

Get your car ready for the long ride

When you are planning on driving a long way, it is best to have your car serviced before the trip. Make sure the oil is fresh, check the coolant, check the tire pressure, and make sure all of your signal lights and headlights are working as they should.

Your vehicle is going to be your best friend while you are out on the road, so treat it right. A broken down vehicle in the middle of the road is a dangerous situation that could lead to serious injuries, so take the simple steps to avoid any unnecessary distress in your life.

Know the laws

If you are crossing different states, you should probably know the laws that govern each jurisdiction. For example, you may plan on taking your gun for personal safety or you may have considered hunting during your visit. Many reciprocity laws govern firearms throughout the United States, but not everyone can cross state lines with a weapon. So do check for concealed carry oregon or whichever states you are planning to cover during your trip.

Get yourself ready and pack your creature comforts

Before leaving on a long road trip, you need to prepare yourself above anything else. If your mind is not focused on the task at hand, driving can be dangerous. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat a well-rounded meal before you embark on your journey.

Pack creature comforts like snacks, pillows, blankets, charger cords, and anything else you think might make the ride a bit more enjoyable. Keep space in mind as you pack though, no one like riding in a stuffed vehicle.

Scope out the accommodations along the way

While in the planning stage of your road trip, scope out the accommodations along the route. Setting up reservations before you leave keeps you from having to fly by the seat of your pants when it is time to rest.

If you are not that much of a planner, at least become familiar with Priceline’s room finder application. You can almost always find a good deal on a room, no matter where you are at the time.

Estimate the cost of fuel along the way

You will want to estimate the cost of fuel along the way, and plan for the expense. Nothing is worse than running out of funds when you are miles away from your home. It is good to keep a backup safety fund while traveling for such challenges.

Take steps to reduce your fuel expenditures. Roll up the windows. Drive the speed limit, and buy your gas in the coldest time of day. Gas is more dense when the temperature is lower.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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