Safety Tips For Female Travellers

Travelling the world as a female backpacker is mostly assumed unsafe or frightening, but it is not always true. These Safety Expert Tips will help any female backpacker lessen any potential risk. Drifting around the world independently should be on every traveller’s bucket list. Discovering the endless wonders the world has to offer is a reward itself and experiencing things most people will only ever dream of is priceless. But it goes further, the experience of travelling independently will absolutely change you for the better.

Female backpackers dreaming of igniting their very own exploit are letting doubt, fear, and insecurity stop them achieving them. What happened to that gutsy liberation? That lawful gender distinctiveness? If you pay attention to all the negativities and believe that females are more at risk, then you will never have the courage to follow your dreams and explore our beautiful planet. Of course, there are threats out there, but there is in any city in any country, here is the big secret…

It is just as safe for Female Backpackers as any Male.

Thousands of female backpackers travel around the world and come back safely. Sometimes, various incidents do transpire, but not more than they do back home. The possibility of anything bad happening is very low as travelling around the globe is statistically safe, and research is one of the biggest weapons you can have. Knowing how to avoid dangers or how to deal with it if things do go wrong is one of the best ways you can prepare.

Be Confident and Use Your Common Sense

Confidence is another weapon you can use against any potential dangers. Acting like you know what you are doing, and showing some level of confidence sets off a huge alert. Predators are in general looking for victims who appear or show weakness, it is instinctive, so be confident! Yes, it really is that simple. Common sense is not gifted to everyone, but use your head and think about the situations you are entering or are in. I know it can be easy to bring your guard down while having fun, but simply using your common sense can generally make your trip be fine. This really is all you need to keep safe most of the time.

Staying Alert.

Just stay alert and be aware of your environs, objects and the individuals around you. Be aware of the individuals approaching you and be mindful of the common scams used by thieves. You can be friendly, but be aware too. Of course, you should avoid the extremes of being paranoid and thinking every person is out to get you. The poor fellow might just want a little chat for crying out loud! But a strong dose of awareness can definitely improve your safety.

Be sensitive to local custom and tradition.

Having background knowledge of the environment and the culture of the people is essential when backpacking, so you can be sensitive to their local traditions. For female backpackers, it does take on a different dimension as there are countries where social norms need a certain level of adherence. Taking a glimpse at guys and approachable smiles may be seen as completely innocent, but can often be understood as sexually related in the Middle East for example. If you are not sure, it can often be a nice clue to check around and follow the social cues of the locals. This is not to keep a complete denial of prospects to interact or meet with them. So again, be judiciously cautious.

Lower your profile.

Having a low profile is a key part of staying safe. For women, this can be fundamentally translated into been choosy at everything. Melt into the crowd, do not stand out and you would not become a target. Unfortunately, there are sometimes you will always stand out to some extent, for example, if you are tall and blonde in East Asia you will always get attention. Most times, this goes no further than stares, and whilst this can be a little disturbing, it is generally nothing to be concerned about. However, there are some things you can try and most falls directly to basic common sense. This can also mean controlling your behaviour.

Wear a wedding ring.

Seriously, I know this sounds strange, and I agree completely but I have it on good authority. It can be a very useful tool, even if you are not married. This has everything to do as part of your cover or just to blend within your environment. A simple wedding ring should make many guys politely move on to someone else. Of course, it is important to remember that this would not work every time, and you may need be required to try other means to get rid of attention. Consider it a bit of a deflection method that can be utilised with other methods like dressing sensibly to compliment a countries culture. This can be a valuable tool in your list of tricks.

I really hope these Safety tips have relieved your fears and given you the needed confidence to go backpacking. Backpacking around the globe is an amazing experience and can be a real life-changer, and you should not let anything stop you from discovering not only your dreams but who you are. So, go grab your backpack and Explore!

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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