Planning a Road Trip?  Stay Safe With These Tips

A road trip is a great way to travel. It’s affordable, and a fantastic opportunity to appreciate a different way of traveling. When you have a train or a plane to catch, you’re stuck on a rigid schedule. However, when you’re your own navigator and pilot, you have the chance to slow down and do things on your own time.

However, it’s important to know that road trips don’t come without certain risks. In order to steer clear of potential hiccups, and keep yourself safe, follow these tips while on the road.

Get a Tune Up

Not all cars are made for driving long distances. It’s crucial that you take your vehicle in to ensure that it’s in the right working condition to withstand a long drive.

The mechanic will ensure that your tires are reliable, your battery is charged, and all of your fluids are at the right levels.

If you go on a long trip with a car that isn’t in good condition, you could find yourself breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Or worse, getting into an accident with an oncoming vehicle.

Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Driving while fatigued is a recipe for disaster. Even though you may be eager to arrive at your destination as soon as possible, it’s not worth risking you or other people’s lives.

If you are in a hurry to arrive at your final destination sooner than later, then you should consider driving with another person. You can each take turns getting behind the wheel. It’s not recommended to drive longer than stretches of a few hours at a time without rotating or taking a break, particularly if you are driving with children in the car.

Pack An Emergency Kit

It’s vital to make sure that you pack everything that you may possibly need if an emergency strikes. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to pack a few things which could come in handy.

You’ll want jumper cables, extra fluids, and a spare tire. You should also bring extra snacks and first aid. You never know what can come up when you’re on the road. Therefore, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.
If you are traveling in a mini-van or pickup truck, then you can even safely store all of these things plus your luggage in the back. Hunt around for the best selection of ratchet straps that can fit your vehicle, and use those to keep your stuff secure.
Bring GPS

While road maps are still very useful, especially if you lose your phone signal, the safest way to navigate is by GPS. Listening to voice directions means that you can keep your hands on the wheel without having to worry about distractions away from the road.

There are many apps which are free, which offer excellent navigation in urban areas. Otherwise, if you’re driving to a more remote location, you may want to consider using a satellite GPS which has more detailed information.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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