Navigating Bangkok for Lady Tourists

Because of its synonymity with sex tourism and a lot of the other vices this world has to offer (if not all), Bangkok in Thailand tends to be overlooked by a lot of female tourists, especially if travelling solo or if travelling as a pair (like us), or even as a group of friends. Thailand as a whole has a lot more to offer if you look towards the likes of Phuket, Chiang Mai and many of the small islands forming part of the country, but Bangkok itself has quite a lot to offer for female tourists as well.

You just have to know how to navigate your way through what’s on offer and you can really come away having had the time of your life. I say “what’s on offer” because a lot of it will indeed get shoved in your face, sometimes quite aggressively, but I realised that only happened mainly when I was out alone, but less so when the two of us were out and about together. You’ll even get offered some of the services that come with those shady massage parlours a lot of male tourists otherwise come to Bangkok for.

Not to worry, take it from a couple of ladies who’ve gone before you and you’ll perhaps even want to book your next ticket to Thailand soon and visit Bangkok for some serious fun.

Okay, so there are many things to do and many things to see in Bangkok alone, but you’ll perhaps want to supplement the fast-paced action offered by the capital with some of the fun found in nearby cities.

If guys try to chat you up (and you’re not interested, of course), don’t make eye contact for too long after greeting back. I’d say don’t greet back at all, but that’s just downright rude. Something else you really shouldn’t do is entertain their conversation because somehow it appears as if that’s your cue to them that you might just be interested and perhaps need to be pestered a bit more aggressively. It isn’t only locals who seem to hold this view, so that applies to all guys…unless of course, you are interested. So just say hello and keep moving, or chat amongst yourself about whatever “serious” discussion you might have been having all along. Trust me, you don’t want to give the impression that you’re up for some cat-and-mouse games.

The more of you there are the better. Bangkok is a really safe city, despite its size and buzzing tourism scene, but common vigilance is always required and there is always safety in numbers should one of those rare incidents want to occur.

Walk like you know exactly where you’re going — you don’t have to walk like you’re in a rush, but if someone tries to stop you for whatever reason, keep moving in the direction you were going in, even if you maintain your slow walking pace.

A good dose of fun awaits you in Bangkok otherwise, so don’t let the fact that you’re a lady keep you from exploring Thailand’s capital.

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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