Monster Trucks and Mayhem in Miami!

Many people experience visceral thrills and chills watching epic monster trucks wreak havoc. Even when you’re just sitting in the stands, attending a monster truck rally can be incredibly loud and in-your-face. But what if you could get the same monster truck experience, plus see your favorites up close and personal?


Well, now you can!


When you buy a Monster Jam ticket, you can watch giant vehicles jump over trenches in a dusty arena. But upgrading to a Pit Party event is even more thrilling and more than worth the ticket price. You’ll see great stunts, fast-pace turns, intense landings, and get early access to see the trucks and meet the drivers closer than you’ve ever imagined possible.


Details About Pit Party


Pit Party happens during a Monster Truck Jam event. If you buy a ticket and a regular Pit Party Pass, you’ll have an opportunity to examine your favorite monster truck closely before an event begins. An early access pass will give you a chance to get autographs and opportunities to take pictures with different cars and drivers.


If you want to attend a Monster Jam and get Pit Party tickets, one of your best opportunities is in Miami, FL. From February 22 to February 23, 2020, you can see Monster Jam at Marlins Park in Miami. There will be a show on both that Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, so you’ve got ample time to see your favorite drivers and trucks and get the full benefit of this unique experience.


Early Access Pass Information and Benefits


An early access pass is only an option for people who have a ticket to a Monster Jam Pit Party that takes place on a Saturday. Attendees can gain early access between 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Monster Truck fans who have this pass could also use it as a regular pass while an event is happening between 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.


Helpful Information for Monster Truck Fans


There are many ways to purchase Monster Jam tickets, and Pit Party passes. If you want to buy tickets fast, simply visit the official Monster Jam website and access tickets via the stadium website. Tickets are also sold at Ticketmaster outlets and box offices for popular Monster Jam venues.


If you’re going to attend a Monster Jam Pit Party event with an infant, you may not need to buy a ticket for the child. At some arenas, admission is usually free for kids who are under two years old. However, you’ll want to take hearing protection into account.


Most officials who host Monster Jam events have different policies for bags, accessories, and other items. On an arena’s official website, you can review what types of items are and aren’t allowed.


When all of the engines are roaring during a Monster Jam event, the sounds may be very intense if you have sensitive eardrums. You won’t have to bring earplugs because they’re sold at the concession stands. However, you’ll have to buy them quickly since the vendors may not stock enough earplugs for everyone.


Fans can bring still cameras into a Monster Jam Truck arena. However, there are policies for digital cameras. If you need to know which kinds of digital cameras are allowed, contact a representative who works at the stadium or arena.


Hotels Near Monster Truck Jam


If you’re coming in from out of town, there are plenty of great hotels in Miami. The Hyatt Regency Miami is a prime destination where guests stay before a Monster Jam event. It’s found in the very popular neighborhood near the Miami Riverwalk and the Port of Miami. It’s a great environment to party before and after the Monster Jam, and the hotel itself offers a relaxing and upscale experience.


If you want to spend time in a hotel by Bayfront Park, the YVE Hotel Miami is a great choice. This hotel has a fun, party vibe. Its onsite bar offers well-crafted cocktails, the rooms are comfy and spacious, and the neighborhood is fun.


You will experience huge truck battles while attending a Monster Jam event. By upgrading to Pit Party access, you’ll bring that experience to the next level. Take advantage and book a whole mini-vacation to Miami, and you’re sure to have an epic good time.

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