Learn the Benefits of Serviced Apartments for Professional Travel

Finding the right accommodation is important even when you’re going on a quick holiday, but it’s even more important when you’re travelling for business. If you pick the wrong place, your professional image could suffer, so it makes sense to look beyond the traditional hotel.

Here are just four reasons why serviced apartments make a good choice for professional travel.

  1. Room to Work

One of the main issues with traditional hotel rooms is that they tend to be on the smaller side – you could book a suite, but that’s going to become inordinately expensive in a hurry. Serviced apartments provide you with the same amount of space most people have at home, including a place to work. Most will have laptop-friendly working areas and large tables where several people can sit at once.

  1. Central Location

Most serviced apartments are converted from period buildings. That’s obviously nice if you’re looking for an attractive property, but it’s also great if you’re travelling for business and will need to get around easily. Those period properties will usually be in the city centre instead of on the outskirts. When you need to meet a client for a business lunch or attend a meeting, you’ll be able to walk or quickly hail a cab instead of trudging in from outside the centre.

  1. Quiet Environment

Hotels try to maintain a quiet environment, but they can only do so much when hundreds of people are staying in the same place. Picking a hotel over a serviced apartment means you’re more likely to be woken up by people moving around the hallways, and nobody needs to feel sleep deprived when they’re travelling for business.

  1. Concierge Service

Finally, keep in mind that most serviced apartments offer a concierge service that goes beyond what you get from a hotel. Whether you need to be pointed in the right way or have cleaning arranged at certain times, your serviced apartment concierge should be able to take care of things.

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