Latina Lady Luck in Macau

With a longing to get our gambling fix and just enjoy the whole entertainment culture around casinos, we had to leave the mainland of China, jump on a ferry boat and head on over to Macau. Little did we know that some lady luck would be on our side and I’m not talking about the inherent lady luck we bring with ourselves (we were still ladies, last time I checked), but rather some Latina lady luck and all the way in Macau of all places. Admittedly, Macau is a long way to go for a gambling fix, especially when you could consider online casinos to play many of the same games on from the comfort of home. I guess adventure was calling us!

Her name is Antonella, an exotically beautiful lass from Argentina who’s just living a dream many of us have in the most intriguing way possible. Antonella had been in Europe for the past six months, having recently kicked off her lifelong dream of just hitting the road and exploring the world. Prior to that, she’d been working Down Under as a maid when a stroke of luck hit her in the hardest way. She won the lottery – well not completely; all but one of the numbers she’d picked for a specific draw matched the winning numbers drawn and so she suddenly had all this money in her pocket which she could travel with.

She approached us as soon as we walked into the Rio Casino with her heavy Spanish accent, but she speaks English very well nevertheless, exclaiming just how happy she was to meet fellow travellers from different parts of the world. As it turns out, however, Antonella really has some lady luck in her because we came away with a good sum of money from the roulette table, so much so that our winning streak was actually cut short by the hotel’s security management as they came down to announce that the table is being closed after the next five spins. “…because you are killing us tonight!” is the reason they gave for closing the table. I didn’t even know they could do that…

While we were redeeming our chips for cash, the cashier lady by the window who could also speak really good English told us had we come with Antonella a few days earlier, we’d be summoned back into the security area for some hard grilling as Antonella seems to be a victim of her success with all the luck she seems to be carrying with her. They had suspected her of cheating in some way, but after investigating found that she had nothing but luck with her or perhaps some serious skill, but I prefer to go with luck as that makes for a better story, doesn’t it? Besides, no amount of skill can help you to win the lottery, albeit she won a portion of the jackpot, so it is indeed some real Latina lady luck and some luck we were lucky enough to benefit off of.

We won enough money to fund a good few months of our travels as well and were able to continue hitting the road for almost a full year after that. It’d be nice to get some of that Latina lady luck again, so I think it might be time to track Antonella down and hook up with her again.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.