A Guide to Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo was always high on the list of places to go for us, it just always seemed so appealing and modern and just downright interesting. It seemed a world away from what we were used to and boy were we right.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of its 47 prefectures. It is the most populous metropolitan area in the world with over 37 million people. This huge, wealthy, beautiful and fascinating metropolis gives high-tech visions of the future with something for everyone. In their bars and restaurants alone, they use menus, similar to those from Atmosphere, that adapt over the course of the day depending on who might be eating or drinking there. At this time of the year, the climate range is from 20 – 30 c and can exceed 30 c sometimes.


On arrival, there are certain rules every citizen or tourist must adhere to ensure good conduct in the city and if you want to enjoy your stay here, you should definitely read and adhere to these unspoken rules:

– Smoking Restriction: No smoking on the streets. Smokers are given a designated little area at the entrance of a train station or in front of a convenience store.

– No phone calls on trains: Instead, you are instructed by the signs in the train to put your mobile phones to silent or as it is called here “Manner Mode.”

– Ladies only train carriages: There are some trains designated only to ladies especially during rush hours on weekdays. Endeavour to listen to the announcements or signs on the train, so as to know when it’s a ladies only train. However, ladies-only train carriages are also available for boys in elementary school or below, handicapped persons, and male caregivers of handicapped persons.

– Escalator Manners: When using the escalator, it is expected that people should stand on the left side

– Parking Regulations: Like every other country there are designated places for parking, and it is expected that every citizen should adhere to this

– Eating while walking on the street is prohibited: There aren’t any trash cans around, so if you generate much in the way of rubbish over the course of wandering then be prepared to carry it around.

Tokyo has some really wonderful tourist attractions, the beautiful gardens and parks have the famous cherry blossom trees which usually bloom at the end of spring, Buddhist temples, markets, movie theatres, bars, clubs and much more.


We decided to do a little partying and so we asked around. The drinking age is 20 in Japan, so we were ID’d on most doors, we were fairly severely scrutinised so we definitely got the impression that they take the drinking age seriously, so if you’re thinking “where can I get a fake ID” that will pass their checks then visit companies like FakeYourDrank so you can party the night away. The clubs have a western vibe mostly and play international music, as well as k-pop and other Asian style music. It definitely felt familiar but there was also a definite feel of something a little different. We never felt unsafe in any of the clubs and the men were (mostly) respectful.

We went clubbing a few more times and came up with the 5 best places to club and have fun in Tokyo viz:


This is the biggest club in Tokyo, with a maximum capacity of 5000 people. Three dance floors, an outdoor swimming pool, and numerous chill-out areas and bars. AgeHa is a crazy complex and the size of it just beggars belief, lose yourself here and make some friends along the way.


Womb offers a vast dance floor, great lighting and superb sound system that altogether provide a night of dancing and fun. A giant mirror ball hangs from the centre of the main dance floor, reflecting the multi-colored lighting on to every corner of the hall. Many famous DJs have played at Womb.


If you’re looking for a slightly more formal and classy type of night club, then Genius is the answer. This is not a place for the casual party-goer so dress nice – girls in dresses, boys in jackets, or you might not be let in.


There are two lounges at Vision, both with different styles and vibes, one is more chilled and the oher has a party atmosphere. Drinks are a little pricier here but it tends to attract a trendy crowd, the people were great and we ended up spending most of the night chatting to young web developers who were celebrating a birthday.


This is another stylish nightclub that takes up all 5 floors of the entire building and is a popular spot for both Japanese and foreigners who are looking to make friends, or just dance. It also has a restaurant that offers great food such as sushi, drinks, and a wine lounge on the first floor. On the second floor, enjoy groovy R&B music at the Midas. Proceed to the sophisticated Crystal lounge third and fourth floor if you are looking to relax and chill out. There is also a bar at the rooftop if you are looking for romantic night scenery of the city.

feria nightclub tokyo

While we didn’ got o Tokyo exclusively to party, it actually ended up being one of the highlights. There is so much on offer and you get to see a different side of the city and the people. Everyone just seemed to open up one they got in to the club, Japan has this image of being a bit reserved and corporate, but we saw the wacky and fun side while we explored the city through cocktails, beers and saki.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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