Getting the right ticket for INDY 500 Game

INDY 500, which is short for the Indianapolis 500 mile race is one of the oldest operational vehicle racing in the world that is still operational. It is an event that takes place yearly in the United States of America, in Indianapolis Suburb, Indiana. If you have planned to go on a vacation to watch the racing in any year, one of the things that you would need is a ticket to watch the match. There are some things that you would expect from your ticket which would include a great view, comfort, and security. This article will inform you about the various types of seats available for the game so that you could be guided when purchasing a ticket from Primesport.

No seats and terrible seats
We are going to group no seats and terrible seats because they provide almost the same level of experience for the game. The track for the game spans for about 2.5 miles and is oval-shaped. There is no particular seat where you can view the whole track at a glance as a spectator. As a result of a golf course within the field, there are some parts that most people will never see due to the infield’s size. The terrible seats allow you to only see a very short part of the track that is directly in front of you. These seats sometimes only allow you to see the cars when they are coming into a turn in front of you but you would not even be able to see them anymore by the time they are completing the turn. An example of this type of seat is the Northeast Vista turn 3 apex front row seat. To avoid this, do not buy tickets that are near to the tracks at the down front. These are majorly single letter tickets from A to Z. Look out for tickets that have more than a single letter from AA.

Average and greats seats
These seats are the ones that have double letters. If you stick with these rules of getting only tickets with a double letter, then you are guaranteed a much better seat than the single letter tickets. You would be able to see more of the racing track. You would probably see the cars form when they come in to make a turn till when they leave the turn. The higher up the seats you are, the better the view you would get. With any luck, you should be able to see the cars as they speed along the straight tracks as well. Regulars at the INDY 500 game already have access to great tickets as if they got a great ticket last year, they would most likely be able to get the ticket again the next year and when they are not going to be available the next year, they might reserve it for a friend or a family member. However, when you shot from reputable ticket brokers like Primesport, you will have a better chance of purchasing great tickets that would give you a good view.

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