Experiencing Bristol like a local with long term accommodation

When travellers speak out authentic experiences, it can come across as if they’re merely spewing a cliché. However, when that discussion around getting an authentic experience is used to shine a spotlight on destinations such as Bristol, it becomes apparent that sometimes there’s a lot of truth to a cliché.

Put simply, getting an authentic destination experience has a lot to do with experiencing it like a local, because locals typically have to find a way to enjoy what is their regular living environment without breaking the bank. So how do you experience Bristol like a local, in particular?

Stay a little longer

Your incentive to stay longer might be a bit of a bittersweet one, in that it could very well be on account of the current public health situation and its economic implications. More and more people are enjoying the liberty or adjusting to having to work from home, which makes for the perfect opportunity to stay a little longer in Bristol.

Of course, you might have to source a few chairs and desks according to your preference (likely from an e-store similar to office monster) so that you can work comfortably for long hours. But, it could all be worth it as the creativity and productivity a beautiful place like Bristol tends to provide, matches no others.

Besides, staying a little longer in any destination considerably increases your potential to enjoy more of it as a local would!

Stay in Long term Accommodation

Even locals find themselves patronising some high-end establishments that are right there on their doorstep, but instead of doing the clichéd upmarket hotels for one or two nights, why not go for long-term accommodation? It can get as fancy as you like with a range of options to choose from in serviced apartments located in the swanky Clifton area.

Timing your stay

Many of the locals enjoy seasonal events that come around every so often but to experience these festivals and events like a local you’d need to enjoy them over several days. That’s why a longer-term stay is recommended, so you can savour the likes of The Harbour Festival and the Internal Balloon Fiesta.

Get the Bristol commuting experience

Even if you might be well-placed in your serviced apartment, do take the opportunity to make an early and late commute in line with the local working-class…

Eat like a local/ where the locals eat

Getting the Bristol commuting experience will lead you directly to the best spots to eat, undoubtedly at the best prices as well. Spoiler alert: a couple of favourites among the locals include Wrapping Wharf and St Nicholas’.

Commuting like a local will also lead you to the best entertainment Bristol has to offer, with the price point coming in as an advantage, once again. Hit The Apple cider pub, located on a real moored boat later in the evening to complement a day strolling around Clifton Village!

Have a cup of tea

Of course, Bristol has its very own flavour of what of the mainstays of British culture, a cup of tea, my dear!

For some reason, it seems as if the experience of having a cuppa with scones is made distinctly Bristol if it’s enjoyed on a characteristically grey afternoon, over the Avon river. Beese’s is the place to be if that sounds like your literal cup of tea, as is certainly the case with many of the locals.

Alexa Taylor

Written by Alexa Taylor

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