Do You Need A Stairlift? You Could Get a Grant for It

When someone is disabled or suffers from mobility issues, it can be hard to adapt the home in a way that will allow them to have fully access to it. In some cases, ndis services are needed to allow the disabled individual to live in their home while also getting medical assistance when needed. This independence they get by being able to live in their own home is something they value greatly and stairlifts are making the lives of millions of people easier by offering them more accessibility and freedom. If someone has a full-time carer helping them day in and day out, mobility is a hot-button issue, and there is only so much that they can do to support the individual. This is why a stairlift may be the best option, and it will help prevent carer burnout from doing everything day after day. These tweaks can be an incredible support not only to the person with the ailment, but to the carer and their family.

Sometimes, finding the right motorized platform isn’t easy, and you might find them to be out of your price range. However, don’t let the price of the installation change your mind. You can get grants to get a stair lift installed through various organizations- including the government. Here are some useful grants that you could use:

The Disabled Facilities Grant

If you live in Northern Ireland, Wales or England, you could make use of the Disabled Facilities Grant or DFG. You could get up to 30,000 in England, 36,000 in Wales and 25,000 in Northern Ireland. The grant can be used for making home alterations, which includes motorized mobility platform installation. The total grant you will get will depend on your household income and household savings, which must be above 6,000 pounds. One can get the application for the grant from a local council and have to also provide two written estimates from companies that install these platforms. The grant can also be used for rental properties.

The Edward Gostling Foundation

The DFG doesn’t always cover the full costs of installation, and you may need some extra financial support for stairlifts. The Edward Gostling Foundation could be of help here. Though their grants are relatively smaller, with maximum assistance of 2,500, they could be helpful in meeting costs when the DFG grant falls short. All applications are made online.

Independence at Home

This charity provides financial aid via social services and provides up to 2,000 in assistance. The application for this grant must be made by a social care worker or a nurse or through another form of social service.

Factors to keep in mind while buying a stairlift?

When buying a stairlift, ensure that you talk to an Occupational Therapist (OT) first. They will help you understand your individual needs and provide the best guidance on the solutions you need. If you already know someone who has installed a motorized mobility platform, talk to them and understand the nuances of installing one at your home. Finally, talk to a couple of stairlift installation companies. Their technicians will usually visit your home and provide you with a quote. Compare these quotes and offerings and decide which service is right for you.

Remember, when it comes to motorized platforms, safety should be a preference. Check the reviews of a company before selecting them to work on your project. Also, take care of the comfort and durability of the new installation. The most popular type of motorized platform on the market is called a seated stairlift where you sit comfortably on a seat whole the lift moves along the stairs. If you find sitting difficult or uncomfortable, opt for the perch model.

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