Combine the Trip to Venice with Skiing in Dolomites

I’ll never forget the shock that had to quickly give way to some last-minute practicality planning when we were backpacking in Austria and found out just how expensive it is. I swear – we had to fill up on brown bread and some jar-preserved garnish-and-entrails to make sure we wouldn’t run out of money and make it to the end of the period we’d pre-booked there. However, recently we found a way to experience what appears to be a much cheaper way of exploring some of the best that a visit to Austria has to offer.

So by “best of what Austria has to offer” I’m specifically referring to a bit of skiing in the Alps, which might very well make for a travellers’ cliché, but one which lives up to all the hype. Obviously it would have to be something you’re particularly interested in, because I definitely know of a few fellow travellers who are all about the sunshine and palm trees to go with the white sandy beaches of the most exotically tropical locations. They seldom care for the chill of the winter, but it definitely appeals to many other travellers, from those who delight in witnessing the Northern Lights to skiing fanatics who would be right at home in locations such as Austria and Switzerland.

Speaking of Switzerland, it’s another pretty expensive place to visit, especially if you’re a backpacker like we sometimes are, so we had more of the same when we visited Switzerland, i.e. wishing there was a much cheaper way to experience the place.

There is!

Regular travel is good in that it lets you in on some special deals or extensions you can add to already pretty sweet trips to make them spectacular ones.

But what I’m specifically talking about here are the Dolomites, an Italian mountain range which actually forms part of the southernmost Alps! Although the financial climate in Italy has pretty much rendered the cost of living for the locals quite high, for tourists it’s still pretty affordable, especially when compared to its fellow western European neighbours of Switzerland and Austria.

Now, here’s a sweet deal, which sort of brings some perspective into the discussion linking Italy with Austria and Switzerland – Next time you go to Venice, why not combine the trip with a trek up the Dolomites for a bit of skiing? It’ll be exactly like you’re in southern Switzerland or Austria, particularly Austria, both in terms of the landscape (it’s part of the Alps mountain range) and the local culture.

It’s easy to book a transfer which would effectively serve as the extension to your Venice trip. Check it out here.

Depending on when you plan to travel, it won’t add that much more to the total cost of your trip. As far as it goes with your planned activities in Venice, I’m pretty sure you’ve already conducted extensive research on that front, since you’re looking for a way to extend that trip. Skiing in the Dolomites will make for a superb complement to the Venice waterways and everything else that comes with this popular tourist destination.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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