5 things to do in Rome Italy: How to visit the Eternal City?

The allure of the Eternal City is ratified by pretty much everybody who has enjoyed the privilege of visiting this history-filled destination. Sure, you’ll probably want to see the Colosseum with your own two eyes, at best getting up-close-and-personal with its exploration, but it helps to know what else there is to do in Rome before heading in.


Most ‘5 things to do in Rome’ posts basically list five places to see in Rome. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because there’s so much to see in a city whose allure is largely based on sightseeing.

There’s so much more than the Colosseum to see and explore, to the extent that you might want to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the information contained in this Roma Pass review, so that you know exactly how to approach your sightseeing exploits.

For instance, if your itinerary definitely includes a visit to the Vatican Museums, the Colosseum and perhaps one or two of either Palatine Hill, the National Museum, Carcer Tullianum, Castel Sant’Angelo and Capitoline Museums, you might want to get the appropriate Rome pass.


Yes, now that you think about it, Rome is a top destination for shopping, isn’t it? If it’s high-end shopping you want, probably only Paris compares to Rome. The effects of the financial crisis don’t seem to have hit this particular sector too hard, so you can definitely come away from the streets of the city having enjoyed the full Rome shopping experience.

Some of the best shopping venues include La Rinascente, Via Del Corso, Via Dei Condotti, Via Frattina, Castel Romano, Via Margutta, Via Del Boschetto, Via Dei Caronari and Via Cola di Rienzo.

Enjoying the food

The dining experience in Rome goes beyond some of the best restaurants, likely serving the best pizza you will ever eat, anywhere. Some hearty fillers can be found in quaint and cute cafes and galerias, and even from street vendors.

Tourists particularly love flocking to Centro Storico as this historical centre has so many of the quintessential dining options Rome has on offer.

I’ll mention the Colosseum again, making for another option along with Monti. Some of the best ice-cream can be found here for those who have a sweet tooth.

Catch a sporting event

As you’ll know (pun intended), A.S. Roma is a history-filled football club based in Rome and is worth checking out live, whether you’re watching them in action playing in the local Seria A or if it’ll likely be an even higher-profile match in the Champions’ League. You’ll likely have to book a ticket well in advance for the Champions’ League though.

History and cultural activities

Check out San Lorenzo if you’re more into pop culture that has been shaped by the city’s rich and extensive history. The neighbourhood is nearby the Sapienza University, which accounts for the perfect fusion of the present and past. Artisan shops, live music in underground bars, hip and trendy discos, as well as cafes all lie in wait.

There’s plenty more to explore, but the onus is on you!

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