4 Tips For Making Your Travels an Adventure

A lot of people go on a vacation which is carefully mapped out and safe. The check into the hotel and eat at the hotel restaurant. They stay next to the pool rather than jumping into the ocean. Even though they’re curious for adventure and would love to step outside of their comfort zone, they aren’t exactly sure how to go about it.

On the other hand, there are those that go traveling for the love of adventure. They can go on from flying a plane (like the ones available at spitfires.com) to jumping out of one – always striving to try out something new and different. They often tend to look for the latest and the most exhilarating adventure sports. It seems like adventure gives fuel to their soul.

Apparently, you won’t find the adventurous travelers at a resort or anywhere near a pool. Their idea of a vacation is trekking in Nepal or swimming in the Amazon river. They create experiences which are rich and meaningful which they will carry with them forever.

Does this kind of adventure sound appealing to you? Here’s how to make it happen.

Choose Somewhere That Inspires You

A lot of people find somewhere that they see advertised on a travel site or which they’ve heard has good package deals. While this method can produce a perfectly enjoyable vacation, it’s often not the most adventurous route.

Rather than choosing somewhere which is safe and strictly budget based, why not pick somewhere which inspires you to your core? Choose a location which you’ve always wanted to go and will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime. If you’ve always wanted to see the Egyptian pyramids, then go there! You’ll be much more likely to have a magical experience if you have a sentimental attachment to your destination.

Take Plenty of Photos

Make sure that you document your trip the entire time. You’ll be glad that you have memories to look back on years down the road. You’ll be able to show the pictures to your relatives and friends and talk about all the places that you were able to see.

Consider Traveling Alone

Although it can be wonderful traveling with other people, it can often hold us back from an adventure. When you’re by yourself, you’re more forced to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone.

Talk To Other Travelers

Talking to other travelers can be one of the biggest opportunities for adventure on your travels. If you remain shy and avoid interacting with others, you’re only doing yourself a disservice.

You never know who you’ll meet along the way and what kind of things you’ll end up learning about each other. They may know of an incredible place which you should see which you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

By keeping an open mind and remaining flexible, you’ll be much more likely to find yourself on the road to adventure.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

Law graduate and wanderlust sufferer. I like rum and beaches.