3 Things To Consider Before Opting For a Destination Wedding

Choosing a destination wedding is something that many people do because it promises a unique setting typically in an ideal climate. It combines a vacation and a wedding which are two fun occasions that people love to do. However, as fun and exciting as it can be to have your wedding in a different location, and invite your friends and family to attend, it can also come with several consequences attached.

If you have been considering a destination wedding but aren’t sure yet, here are some of the things that you should consider.

It Will Likely Cost More

Having a wedding outside of where you live means that you’ll have to pay for travel costs, somewhere to stay, and everything else like transportation and food once you’re there.

You will likely have to pay more for rental costs such as limousines, and other travel amenities etc. since you won’t have many connections in this new location. If its a popular location for destination weddings you may find that the costs are even higher since it’s higher in demand. Consider searching for budget-friendly transportation options As Shown On Dream Limousines Website and similar others to cut down on costs.

Therefore, take a look at your total budget and ask yourself whether a destination wedding is really something that you can pay for comfortably.

You May Have Fewer Guests

Having a wedding somewhere other than where you live means that you’re asking for a lot of people to travel to somewhere they don’t live either to be able to attend your wedding. This can be a lot to ask of someone who doesn’t have the luxury of being able to pay for a vacation just to be able to attend your marriage.

People are required to take time off of work, pay for their travel costs, and arrange someone to take care of their children if they’re planning on leaving them behind.

Therefore, often when you plan a destination wedding you may see that your confirmed guest count is lower than it would be had you thrown your wedding at home. If you anticipate that you may have fewer guests as a result, then it may not be as big as an issue. However, if you have dreams of everyone you love being at your wedding, you may want to opt for staying home.

It May Add Stress

There is a reason that people have entire careers dedicated to the planning of weddings. There are tons of details which go into a wedding and everything involved with it. From choosing the location to arranging decorations, and food and drink, it’s enough to make your head spin.

When you add the stress of it all taking place further away, a lot of things are out of your hands. Making the arrangements from afar may add extra stress to the process.

Krissy Georgiadis

Written by Krissy Georgiadis

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